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Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Patric is one of the few salons in Denver that offer beaded weft hair extensions. Recognized by many as the most natural looking hair extensions, the beaded weft hair extension or beaded weave utilizes hand tied wefts to create the most natural look possible. The beaded weave is especially great for those looking to transition from a short hairstyle to longer hair.    Click here to schedule an appointment.


Natural Beaded Rows 

Patric is also one of the limited salons in the Denver area to offer Natural Beaded Rows. NBR is a great option and have numerous advantages compared to some other extension methods. Some of the benefits of Natural Beaded Rows include things like no tape, no glue, less damage, won’t slip out, and generally takes less than 3 hours to install.    Click here to schedule an appointment.