Highlights – Starting at $90

Looking to lighten your hair? Want a more summery style?  Patric uses top-of-the line, luxurious products that will have your hair looking fresh and sleek. Ready for the best blonde highlights in Denver? Click here to schedule an appointment.

Color Melts, Ombré, Balayage – Starting at $225

Color Melt is the NEW look that celebrities, models, and actresses are all testing out. The best part about color melts? Patric, a Denver hair color specialist and a master colorist, knows how to strategically place highlights to create a naturally beautiful look. Or maybe you’re looking to make a statement? Patric can transform your hair through high contrast, so your new brown hair with blonde highlights style has more edge to it. Products like: Olaplex for maximum protection, Joico hair color, Schwarzkopf Color Me Bleach, Jack Winn paint on lighter. They can have a natural look to them. Color melts can be done with a variety of natural colors, making them fun, adventurous, and exciting. Patric, with one of the best hair salons in Denver, has tons of experience with color melts, which will result in you LOVING your hair. Not only this, but the high-quality products that he uses, like Olaplex and Joico Lumishine glosses for melting will keep your hair healthy and strong. Ready for your color melt? Click here to schedule an appointment.

Ombré hair is a hairstyle that will honestly look good on anyone. Not only that, but there’s little upkeep and it’s super low maintenance. It’s a simple, two-step process where 1) the base color of your choice is added, and 2) the highlight color is strategically added for an individualized look. Melting may be required. Ombre Hair Stylist Near Me? Click here to schedule an appointment.

What is Balayage?

While Balayage hair is a form of highlights, it leaves a more refined, softer look. It’s extremely individualized

since Patric, known as one of the best hair colorists in Denver, will work with your

natural hair growth patterns. It’ll look more like you were kissed by the sun after sitting on a beach in Mexico than sitting in salon chair. The best part? Looking for a Denver Balayage Specialist? I can help. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Color Correction

It’s an individualized hair painting method. No more frequent maintenance appointments. It’s easyUnhappy with your hair color? Did your previous stylist completely mess up, leaving you unhappy? Patric, who runs one of the top hair salons in Denver, will revive your hair color. His hair color correction process is simple and easy. During a short consultation he’ll discuss what your desired hair color should be, how you want it styled, and then will work his magic to ensure you’re happy with the results. Unhappy with your hair color and want a color correction? Click here to schedule an

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